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SOLD OUT Spacious 30.0㎡ Living Room Extends from the Island Kitchen

Makuhari|Second-hand Apartment Renovation|75㎡|2SLDK|Adult 40s+|Single life|Pet-friendly

The previous dark kitchen has been moved to the south side, turned into a BRIGHT island kitchen now.
Advance deep into the 30.0㎡ LDK is the 9.7㎡ free space. Use it as the working room, or integrate it into part of the living room, just decide it as you like! The ceiling of the corridor from the entrance to the living room was low and dark before. However, now it has been reformed into a SPACIOUS space by lifting up to the extent possible.
Our theme of the color coordination is “GRAYISH”. The chic and casual basic color tone ― Grey, serves as a foil to the Moss Green dinner chair and the Mustard Yellow sofa of the living room. Just enjoy a peaceful and cozy lifestyle by grace of the not-too-flashy tone color. And if you take a look at the bedroom, you will probably find out that we’ve added Blue element as the accent color by the inspiration of nearby sea. All these give sufficient credit for creating a sophisticated, mature private space.

Key Points of Renovation

  • Kitchen Island kitchen with 1-meter wide top board

    Kitchen / Island kitchen with 1-meter wide top board. Enjoy your breakfast during the busy morning at here. A sufficient space for storage, garbage box in the cup board!

  • Bedroom /  A peaceful, cozy lifestyle by grace of our color coordination “GRAYISH”

    Bedroom / A peaceful, cozy lifestyle by grace of our color coordination “GRAYISH”. For example, the Light Grey wallpaper, the Dark Grey original furniture, the White door and the Dark Grey drape curtain with Grey lace. The vivid Blue element reminds people of the southern islands, dedicating to the accomplishment of the healing spot of daily life.

  • Wash Stand / The colorful mosaic tiles is the key

    Wash Stand / The colorful mosaic tiles is the key. As well as the triple mirror containable for small items.

  • Our pride, the spacious living room!

    Living Room / Our pride, the spacious living room. Perfect for friends gathering. A relaxing, cozy space for couple. Original designed, unique TV table in the world. How will you decorate the large display cabinet? Enjoy the fun!

  • Bathroom  The “GRAYISH” has given the room a feeling of chic and sophistication

    Bathroom / The “GRAYISH” has given the room a feeling of chic and sophistication. The square tub is also the key point of pursuing the feeling of maturity. A bathroom for relieving your exhausted body.

  • Lighting Equipment / The spotlight using downlight, duct rail

    Lighting Equipment / The spotlight using downlight, duct rail. The small-scale pendant light for dining room. Avoiding to use large-size lights in purpose of unity.

Detail Points of Renovation Process


Coveted location by having two stations: JR Makuhari station and Kaihimmakuhari station, where many convenient shops located nearby. Take the Keiyo road, Bay Shore Route, etc. to easily have a joyful one-day trip.

・1 minute walk to YAMADA DENKI (around 50m)
・7 minutes’ walk to NITORI (around 550m)
・7 minutes’ walk to ITOYOKADO (around 550m)
・8 minutes’ walk to DON QUIJOTE (around 600m)
・8 minutes’ walk to DON QUIJOTE (around 600m)
・8 minutes’ walk to BOOKOFF (around 650m)

〒262-0032 Chiba, Hanamigawa-ku, Makuharichō, 1-chōme, 7687 Dia Palace Makuhari Times Garden

Relocate the kitchen to improve the breadth and relaxation

Before, the room looked very narrow, seemed like got an inappropriate breadth comparing to its floor area. First, the corridor was narrow and dark, even entering the living room, the ceiling of the entrance was low either, which looked oppressing. Plus, the kitchen was narrow and felt like without any usability. Therefore, we were aiming for turning there into a spacious space.


To achieve that, we needed to release the single room in front of the entrance, connect it to the living room and relocate the kitchen. By doing this, the LDK has been united to become an 18 tatami mats opening space. The past 6 tatami mats Japanese-style room was also connected to other parts of the room, with changing the past fusuma (Japanese style paper sliding door) to a translucent resin board, we had turned the room into a 24 tatami spacious space.


There was a closet in the master bedroom before, yet now it had been removed and become a walk-in closet by setting up a door connecting to the space where the previous kitchen was at. And the place where previous closet was now is replaced by a bed board, with the same pattern as the beam and column to unite the overall design of the room.


The key word of the interior design is「GRAYISH」


Since the room has become very spacious and bright, now we need to tone down the interior a little bit to add the feelings of maturity.As the ground of white grained artificial marble tile, the sunlight can be reflected to pass the light until the deep end of the room. And the wall was painted into light grey color so that it won’t be too dazzling.The design of the handmade furniture are massive and simple, express a feeling of maturity.


The waist part of the kitchen is the accent so the color is more like heavy grey, the handle of the cupboard is black, and kitchen panel is silver. With monotone, grayish brown and green furniture, we added fancy elements by choosing yellow and blue fabric.The curtain of the LDK plays the role as the front lace, and the dark grey drape curtain is the accent of the monotonous wall. Overall, by combing with the grayish color, we could finally make it out a chic and elegant mature environment.