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SOLD OUT Saginomiya Station

Newly-built detached house | 5 minutes walking distance from Saginomiya Station | Land Area 105.84㎡ | Building Area 1F 52.94㎡・2F 52.94㎡ | Total Floor Area 105㎡ | Lushly green environment | Great location near supermarkets

Want to open a baking classroom in my own house! Want to open a private tutoring school! Need a space for parking my new motorbike! “Shirasagi’s House”helps you to make your dream come true.

Key Points of Shirasagi’s House!

  • New-built detached house with coveted location

    Grounds / New-built detached house with coveted location, only 5 minutes walking distance to Saginomiya Station. Land Area 105.84㎡. Building Area 1F 52.94㎡・2F 52.94㎡, Total Floor Area 105㎡.

  • Living room

    LDK / The grey tone of kitchen give credit to accent the warmth of the living room.

  • Kitchen

    Kitchen / The grey color of kitchen and brown color from the back board help to create a marvelous atmosphere! Enjoy your cooking here with a board counter table!

  • Living room

    Living room / The high ceiling over 4 meters makes the place look more spacious!

  • 1F

    1F / The 1st floor has various ways of usage to spend wonderful time with your families!

  • Toilet

    Toilet / You can feel the sense of fashion even in the space of toilet!

Until the Completion


The Floor Plan!




       The way of using 1F free space is up to you!!



Only one station to the TAKADANOBABA station by SEIBU SHINJUKU line. Rare house source nearby the station!!

・2 minutes’ walk to OK supermarket (around 100m)
・1 minute walk to Chinese restaurant (around 50m)
・2 minutes’ walk to Saginomiya Athletic Square (around 150m)
・3 minutes’ walk to Saginomiya gymnasium (around 210m)
・6 minutes’ walk to Convenient shops (around 450m)
・6 minutes’ walk to My Basket supermarket (around 450m)

〒165-0035 Tōkyō-to, Nakano-ku,Shirasagi, 3-chōme-5-3

White & gray appearance shines in green

Few minutes walking distance from the Saginomiya Station, and the southeast side of the house is facing the broad front road, so that the optimized sun exposure can be made sure.

Enjoy the lushly green scenery from anywhere from the house.

The lively white & gray appearance shines in green.

The LDK of 2nd floor is specially built in shape of an opening ceiling which height over 4 meters, its loft-style and open kitchen designs results in a perfect laid-back lifestyle.


Flexibility as the theme!


A house is a place that we spend the most time with our family.

And as the place of living are constantly changing with different family structures, ages, headcounts and lifestyles.

So we were considering to build a house that can easily response to all these changes.

Expect for the LDK of 2nd floor, the spacious 1st floor also makes sure that people are living in a space responses to all kinds of different lifestyles.

To use the house as a place for having fun, for 2 generations living, for turning it into a SOHO or shops, at here you can find endless possibilities.